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Wave (300x200) (3) Choosing the most suitable accounting software can be a difficult task.  At Fragnoli & Company, CPAs in Brentwood, TN we frequently assist current and prospective clients in this decision process.  After my tweet introducing contacts to Wave Accounting Software, I received requests to provide a comparison and some details pertaining to Wave Accounting.  At our Firm, we have worked with almost every packaged accounting

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Money ManagementBusiness Management is really a misnomer.  The service is really closer to life management.  At Fragnoli & Company, CPAs, in Brentwood, TN, our partners have been associated with, the management of the financial affairs of athletes, entertainers and other high income producing individuals for nearly thirty years.  As the founding member of our Firm, I have seen the misuse and abuse of this service

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Tax Planning - Proper Decisions

Tax Planning – Proper Decisions

Proper tax planning and a solid plan must make economic sense.  I once attended a practice management seminar many years ago and I heard a comment about tax planning that resonates with me to this day.  The statement was, and I am paraphrasing, ” many tax planning actions are making economic decisions

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Independent-Contractor-or-EmployeeAt Fragnoli and Company CPAs one of the most common inquiries made of our Firm by small and medium sized businesses is the question of whether or not an individual can be treated as a subcontractor or has to be placed on the payroll.  Of course, there are a number of cost and convenience considerations for being able to classify someone as a subcontractor.  However, state tax

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Fragnoli & Company starting-a-business-in-tennesseeAt Fragnoli & Company, CPAs we frequently are engaged to consult with new businesses/ start up companies.  We truly enjoy working with these enterprises as the future is a challenge and the prospects and pay-offs can be both financially and personally rewarding. The reason the client prospects come to us is because they don’t know where to

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