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Business Advisory Services

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Business advisory services is such a generic phrase. It doesn’t mean much when you first hear “I do business advisory services”. However, it is a very important component to the success of a start-up enterprise or a struggling business. The question for a business owner to ask is, “am I completely satisfied with the direction of my business?” Do you feel you get to spend adequate time on the business, or are you spending too much time in the business? Are operations too dependent on you, the business owner? Do you have the systems in place to make your business run efficiently and effectively? If the answers to these questions is the wrong answer, then you need business advisory services.

At Joseph F. Fragnoli, CPA, PC in Nashville, TN we offer a different and special approach to business advisory servcies. We begin with a process called the TRUST Assessment. The TRUST Assessment allows you, the business owner, to identify the issues and processes in YOUR business that YOU want to address first. The process allows you to rank the issues in your business in order of most critical and important to you. We, the advisors, do not come in and tell you what is wrong with your company; rather, we start with you identifying the issues. Then, we review the detailed 20+ page report with you and discuss services we will undertake to help you make your business what you want it to be and reach its full capabilities.

After determining the issues and implementing processes and procedudures to make your company more efficient, systemetized, and more independent from you, you now need to be able to monitor your success. At Joseph F. Fragnoli, CPA, PC, we have a system to daily monitor your financial results and compare the actual results to established budgets and projections and measure up to 18 key performance indicators and non-financial measures. We also measure your business’ financial information against the benchmark for your industry to determine where your shortcomings are and where you are outperforming the industry. This analysis will help you focus on areas for improvement. Additionally, we cannot only measure current cash flow, but we can forcast cash flow based on projected operational decisions and then adjust our projections regularly for any changes that need to be considered. Our clients can truly monitor every decision and its financial impact on their companies and make educated and intelligent business decisions. The ability to do this is extremely valuable, financially, and also gives our clients a high degree of peace of mind.

Financial advisory services are broad in scope and the term takes on a lot of different meanings. At Joseph F. Fragnoli, CPA, PC we just ask that you be specific in what you consider “business advisory services”. Also, consider that doing a TRUST Assessment and receiving the subsequent report costs a prospective client nothing but about 30 minutes to complete. Also, the TRUST Assessment does not require you to provide any numerical financial information. We believe that once you go through the process of completing a TRUST Assessment and discuss the report with us you will want to proceed with a valuable and mutually beneficial engagement for business advisory services. If you are interested in proceeding, please contact us directly at (615) 678-4751 or e-mail us at or e-mail me directly at