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Business Analysis for Your Company

Business Analysis for Your Company

Do you need a professional to perform a business analysis for your company?  Many companies out there are sputtering along not growing in sales or profits.  They just can’t seem to break through and grow.  The owners’ are not sure what the problem is and they don’t have the skill set or experience to determine what they should do to make things work better.  One of the problems with hiring “business consultants” is that many of them charge considerable fees for their analysis and advice.  Fees that are too great for a struggling company.  Additionally, the consulting team, or the one individual may not have well rounded experience and expertise in the various elements of a business operation to perform an effective analysis and make effective and correct recommendations and solutions.

Consulting is a tricky business.  The key to a good management/ business consultant, in this author’s opinion, is to recognize that the business owner or owners know their specific business better than the consultant does.  The key is to identify the weaknesses of the the owner/s and key personnel and what specific business functions are not being addressed properly and develop a plan to correct the weaknesses.  Consulting with a small business is a partnership and not a dictatorship. If the business owner/s and the management/ business consulting team work together the results can be spectacular.

We at Fragnoli & Company, CPAs in Brentwood, TN and Chino Hills, CA have teamed up with a few professionals with expertise in business management, information technology, marketing and production to build a team to perform an affordable and effective business analysis for your company.  We will review current processes and procedures. We will analyze financial results of operations and cash flow.  We will look an accounts payable and receivable management. We will interview key personnel and management and perform many other analysis and inquiry functions and come up with an analysis report detailing issues confronting the company and some recommended changes and solutions.  We can do this at a very reasonable fee.

I am not going to mislead you here.  The reason we are willing to do this service at a fee that is a fraction most of the business consulting firms in the marketplace is that we believe that once you see how the members of our team work, the kind of individuals and professionals that we are and how we wish to partner with our clients to help them move forward, we believe that you will utilize  each of our team members individual firm’s services moving forward.  However, that will not be a requirement for the introductory fee, we take the risk and believe that you will want to work our individual firms moving forward.  So if you are interested having us perform a business analysis for your company, please call us at (615) 377-0705 to set-up a no obligation meeting and meet the Team.