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Business Consulting Newsletter

Business Consulting

Business consulting newsletters, many firms offer such products.   At Fragnoli & Company, CPAs in Brentwood, TN, we believe that we have access to, and are offering our clients such access to, one of the most in depth and quality marketing and business growth newsletters on the market.  We are restructuring our marketing program and our approach to client service.  We have always prided ourselves on customer service and believe that we have done an excellent job in providing timely and quality service.  However, I believe that a firm must continue to strive to provide its clients more, new and innovative information and services.  One of the additions to our program is an in depth monthly newsletter on marketing and business growth.  When our new marketing website goes live, currently projected to be June 27th, our clients will have access to the “Business Growth System” which will include a business consulting newsletter titled “No-Nonsense Marketing”.  The link to the June newsletter is attached below.  This site does not replace my current website which includes my posts,  secure client portals, and general Firm information.  It is a strict marketing site being managed by our marketing firm.  When you click on the link it will take you to the post page of my current website and then click again and it will open the newsletter.  It is seventeen pages and full of some excellent material.

The Business Growth System was developed by an accountancy and marketing firm in England.  It is renowned world wide as one of the strongest business development tools in the World and our clients will have access to the complete system for free. The value of this system is thousands of dollars.  Our Firm pays the subscription and is enabled to offer it to our clients.  I firmly believe in the quality of this System and what it offers our clients who strive to grow their companies.  We are excited and looking forward to when it goes live on the 27th and look forward to our client’s response to the Program.

Please enjoy reading the newsletter, and I would love to  know your thoughts.  We strive to give our clients as much quality information as possible.  At Fragnoli & Company, CPAs we appreciate your input and consideration.

AFG – No-Nonsense Marketing – June 2014