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Business Planning

Business Planning

Have you ever had someone perform an independent unbiased review of your general business operations? I am not talking about looking over your financial statements and accounting records or reviewing budgets and forecasts; but, starting with an assessment of your general feelings about your business’  growth, marketing strategies, cash flow, budgets and forecasts, operations manuals, inventory controls, etc.  It is my opinion that you cannot begin the process of effective business planning unless you start with a comprehensive review of the concerns of the business owner. At Joseph F. Fragnoli, CPA, PC in Nashville, TN we call this a TRUST Assessment.

What is TRUST Assessment?

A TRUST Assessment. It is a software system that enables us to accumulate valuable information about the business owner’s or chief officer’s feelings about the business. It is a series of questions and data gathering inquiries regarding financial, operational, administrative, marketing and business development and other areas of a business. The purpose of the process is to prepare an analysis of areas of concern that the business owner of chief officer, have about his/ her business as he or she perceive’s them. Looking into processes, systems, objectives and goals that he or she has without regard to the numbers first. From the resulting report you are able to look at the analysis of your answers and establish a starting point for beginning a comprehensive analysis of your business and developing a truly effective business plan and forecast. The beauty of our TRUST Assessment analysis is that we offer it at no charge. If after completing the assessment inquiries and sitting down with us to discuss the resulting report, if you choose not to proceed with us for business planning and advisory services, you get to keep the report and there is no charge.

Success Frequently Begins with a Business Plan

One common element that I have seen in my thirty-five plus years of practice is that successful businesses, and more importantly, satisfying businesses, begin with and continually update a business plan. Sometimes, and more often, they do so with a comprehensive plan that the owner continually updates, modifies and corrects for business trends, technology and product or service changes. They also will go beyond the numbers and address the big questions, “why”; “why am I in business and what drives me”.  So, if you are looking to make your business more successful, make your life more rewarding and achieve the business and personal goals and objectives you are seeking, please reach out to us to start the process of building a comprehensive, sophisticated and living business plan and forecast.  Please call our office at (615) 678-4751 or send me an e-mail at and we will send you the link to complete the TRUST Assessment.