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CPA Services for Small Business - Team Work

CPA Services for Small Business – Team Work

Which CPA should you choose?  For the most part, CPAs have similar skill sets, education, ethical standards and service offerings.  If you look at ten CPA websites you will see that they are very familiar.  In fact, many firms utilize the same service for website design and service.  What we at Fragnoli &  Company, CPAs in Brentwood, TN and Chino Hills, CA have been striving to do is to differentiate our Firm from the pack.  We want to partner with our clients in helping them grow their business, analyze their results and do what all other firms do, perform the compliance services such as tax return preparation, financial statement preparation and the like.  For the first time my blog is directed strictly at marketing our Firm, Fragnoli & Company, CPAs.

I have come across a business development firm that has a system and program for our Firm that we are in the process of implementing.  They are world renowned and based in England.  The number one reason for engaging the firm to assist us and implementing their growth strategies is that they offer us a business growth and analysis program that we can offer our clients.  It is truly a differentiater and helps set our Firm apart from most other firms.  This program is unlike any I have seen in thirty plus years of practice.  It is flexible to work for almost any industry.  Whether our client is in product sales, manufacturing, service business, restaurants or other, this program/ system can be adapted to help them.  This growth system would cost subscribers about $6,000 per year in fees if they were to acquire it on their own.  However, our clients will have full access to the system for free.  We will work with them in the implementation process, help them follow-up with the steps to execute, and perform statistical analysis review with them to measure the success of the plan.  This is truly partnering with our business clients.  The best thing is that it all coordinates with the tax and financial statement compliance services and planning services that we, or your current CPA, already perform.  It is truly a remarkable system.

We will be launching our separate marketing website which details this program and how we differentiate our offerings on June 27th (projected).  Please review it and if you are interested, please contact our Firm at (615) 377-0705 or at what will be the new toll free number with full reception services and scheduling at (844) 208-3018 upon launch.