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Step outside the box with Joseph F. Fragnoli, CPA, Inc. services and find out what tax minimization can do for you

Tax Planning and Compliance Services

We offer comprehensive tax compliance and planning services. The planning services are frequently the most overlooked services offered by CPA firms. Utilizing our planning services can convert our services from and expense to a profit center for our clients. We have saved our clients multiples of our fees through the implementation of creative and progressive tax planning strategies. We utilize a sophisticated tax planning software combined with financial planning software to generate strategies that minimize our clients’ tax obligations.

General Business Consulting and Business Formation Services

Joseph F. Fragnoli, CPA, Inc. has extensive experience in advisory services relating to start-up companies and choice of entity consulting services. We work closely with our clients in determining the best entity formation strategy that suits their personal and operation liability and financial situation. In today’s business environment, the choice of entity to operate under is very critical and can have a significant tax ramifications on the business owner. We provide extensive planning services including systems and procedural development, budgeting projections and performance review monitoring.

Tax Resolution Services

Our firm offers tax resolution services to individuals and companies that have large tax liability balances that they cannot resolve immediately. Joseph has had a very high success rate in getting offers in compromises approved by the Internal Revenue service as well as favorable installment agreements for his clients. This is a passion with our Firm as there are many unscrupulous resolution firms out there that make claims and promises that simply won’t work and charge large fees to perform the service. There is no pie in the sky resolution plan that will be approved by the IRS. Our Firm will tell our clients the truth and provide them with an acceptable plan.

Accounting Services

We offer bookkeeping, outsourced CFO and general accounting services to our clients. We maintain general ledgers and issue monthly financial statements to our clients. We offer budget development and analysis along with financial projections and business planning services. We also offer business management services whereby we can perform the entire financial services for the client including paying the bills, performing bank reconciliations, payroll services and the like.

Financial and Estate Planning Services

Joseph F. Fragnoli, CPA, Inc. offers full financial and estate planning services. We work closely with our clients estate attorneys or can recommend a few in the area. Our founder, Joseph Fragnoli, is an investment advisor representative and is affiliated with the registered investment advisor firm, Financial Gravity. He focuses on tax efficient managed money profiles and retirement plans. If our client has their own investment advisor, we can work in conjunction with that person as well.