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Financial Planner Nashville TN

Financial Planning

When it comes to financial planning, what should matter – you, or the planner and their products?

The answer should be obvious: it should be YOU, your needs, and your objectives. Yet many planners choose to disregard this and focus on themselves and their products and services rather than the needs of their clients. Financial planners frequently tell people that they must have these huge sums of money saved before they retire – but this isn’t so.

The problem with focusing the planning towards the planner and their products and services is that it is almost never the exact approach that you need. Sure, it may address some of your problems, but even then, it’s hit or miss.

This is why people should really consider fee-based financial planning services versus commission-based planning. A fee-based planner with an offset to the fees with commissions earned on investments made through the financial planning is a best of both worlds scenario for you and your planner. And at Joseph F. Fragnoli, CPA, PC in Nashville, TN, you’ll get the financial planning that’s tailored just for you.