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Tax Services Nashville TN

Tax Planning

Admit it – you don’t do any tax planning.

Most of you just engage a professional to perform tax compliance services. You gather your tax information. Maybe you make a backup of your QuickBooks file, or copy your other accounting records for your business. Maybe you’re completing an organizer that your tax preparer supplied you and then send it back to them, then you have your return prepared and pay your tax or receive your refund. But, most of you probably don’t do any tax planning.

If you are doing any “tax planning”, the tax planning you are probably doing might not even be true tax planning – it may only be tax projecting with some minimal advice. Which won’t really help you in the long run.

But at Joseph F. Fragnoli, CPA, PC in Nashville, TN, you’ll get the TRUE tax planning you are looking for. We gather in-depth information from your prior tax returns, interview questions, and other financial documents, then run the information through two different sophisticated tax and financial planning software packages. This will give us the output we need for a detailed plan with supporting code and regulations for your recommended tax strategies.

Our goal? Help you fund for the future while minimizing the sacrifices to your lifestyle today.