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Financial Direction – One Question

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

There are a number of people who want to achieve financial direction through cohesive financial planning and plan for their future; however, the process can be overwhelming. They get their check lists or questionnaires and requests for lots of information and the process gets overwhelming so they just put it off or decide not to go through the process at all. One way we at Joseph F. Fragnoli, CPA, Inc. and Cohesive Financial Planning, Inc. in Naples Florida  have taken to help with this issue is to start with just one question and then let the process proceed from there in a simple and orderly fashion. The questions is, what is the single most important financial consideration or issue in your life today? That is, if you were to only address one issue, what would it be?  When one begins to answer that question, the chain of events begins to build and the next thing you know, you have a cohesive financial plan giving you “peace of mind through financial direction” without addressing everything at once.

Essential Planning for Financial Direction

I call the process of beginning with the one question, essential planning. That is, we begin with addressing the most important/ “essential” concerns first. In doing this, you will find that many of the outlying financial issues will get addressed as part of the process and then, before you know it, a full financial plan is developed and you have achieved some financial direction. The great thing is that we not only address the essential matters first, but then our clients end up with a financial plan and that is essential. Going through life without financial direction and a plan is a potential formula for disaster. Wouldn’t you feel much better if you made a small investment in your future that allowed you to develop a road map, a financial plan, that peace of mind through financial direction? Not only do you get peace of mind, you also get motivated to meet your goals and objectives thus bringing peace to your everyday life.

Financial Direction and Planning is Not Necessarily Asset Accumulation

I have been approached by clients and prospects about living a more minimalist lifestyle. They don’t want to accumulate a bunch of assets or money. They are just seeking some financial direction leading to a very basic simple life. That is great with us. At Joseph F. Fragnoli, CPA, Inc. and Cohesive Financial Planning, Inc., our planning services are fee based and not commissioned base. So you don’t need $500,000 to get a plan built. You don’t have to have money to invest with our advisory services platform to get a plan built. Maybe you just want to eliminate debt, or pay off your home, or fund a minimal retirement plan. Whatever your objectives are, from building huge wealth to just keeping life simple and basic, we are here to help you develop the financial plan to get their. Regardless of your goals, financial planning should be done to create the road map to financial direction and peace of mind.

Financial Planning

Cohesive Financial Planning

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