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Joe Fragnoli of Fragnoil and Company CPA

Joseph Fragnoli – Managing Partner

Marketing strategies with a no nonsense approach is a new service and program offered by Fragnoli & Company, CPAs.  As mentioned in our last article, we are taking a whole new approach to client service and relationships.  Business growth is frequently at the forefront of business’ objectives.  The key is that many businesses do not have a clear and direct marketing strategy with a definitive program.  Fragnoli & Company, CPAs now is offering a sophisticated and thorough “Business Growth System”.  The marketing strategies can and should be coordinated with operations and financial planning.  It’s a natural combination.  Attached herein is a sample of the No-Nonsense Marketing newsletter that our client’s will have access to in our Business Growth System.  It is a valuable tool and worth $1,000 a year, but free to our clients once they register on our marketing website which goes live on June 27th.  A monthly newsletter is just an update and tool for using this program.  This newsletter sample is just an example of the depth and detail of what the “Business Growth System” offers.   Take a look at this document and give us a call to discuss our services at (615) 377-0705.

AFG – No-Nonsense Marketing – June 2014