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Pinnacle Tax Planning Services, Inc. in NashvilleHave ever taken a tax awareness survey? Do you feel you have a good awareness of your tax situation? Do you have a plan that maximizes the income you keep? Take a look at this survey to assist you in determining whether or not you have a tax plan that coordinates with your financial objectives to maximize your financial position. Tax Awareness Survey

Investing in a formal tax plan can be one of the best investments and individual and business entity can make. The plans our Firm have designed have saved clients hundreds of percent of the cost of the plan. Our core belief is that you should keep as much of your income as you are legally entitled. Tax compliance is a necessary process and many professionals in the market place do an excellent job of preparing tax returns. But, how many have come to you and said “I have an idea that can save/ make you money”. Formal tax planning is not just performing projections and having the taxpayer spend money to bring down his or her tax position. It is a coordinated plan and effort to utilize rules and regulations to engage in activities that work to the taxpayer’s benefit.

If after taking this survey you feel you do not have a tax plan that meets your financial objectives and needs, and you would like to discuss the development and implementation of a formal tax plan that coordinates with your financial plan and objectives, please give our office a call at (615) 678-4751 or feel free to contact me directly on my cell phone at (615) 513-5522. The initial consultation is free with no obligation and our plans are guaranteed to meet with your satisfaction or your retainer is refunded.