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Comprehensive Tax Plan

Comprehensive Tax Plan

How often has your tax preparer/ compliance professional come to you and said “I have an idea that will save you money”? Better yet, if the professional has brought you an idea, did he or she provide you with a full plan document with implementation instructions, quantified projected results and a satisfaction guaranty for the projected plan results or a refund of the plan preparation fees?  At Pinnacle Tax Planning Services, Inc. in Hendersonville, TN, we do just that.  Our Firm provides just one service, tax planning for individuals and small businesses.  We take a very uncommon approach to tax planning services and utilize a state of the art software and strategy platform to develop our plans; this along with over thirty years of tax planning and compliance experience between each of our consultants.

After an initial meeting, we assess your tax position and determine whether or not we can be of service to you.  If we believe that we can develop a full tax plan that will save you significant tax dollars, we will offer to engage you for services upon which we will collect our up front flat retainer fee.  After we develop the plan and discuss the results with you, if you are not fully satisfied with the plan and implementation system we will refund your fee in full. It seems too good to be true. You invest a relatively small amount of money to obtain a comprehensive and well quantified tax plan that projects a tax savings result that is a several times multiple of the fee or your money back (please note, this is not based on the ultimate true results of the tax returns, but based upon the projected results derived from historical returns, current year information, interviews with the client and the full implementation of the plan strategies).  The reason we can offer this satisfaction guaranty is because of the software we use, the expertise of our professionals and the unique nature of our service.

While our founder, President and CEO, Joseph Fragnoli, does own and operate a separate traditional CPA firm, Joseph F. Fragnoli, CPA, PC, providing a multiple of services including tax compliance services, it is not this Firm’s objective to replace your current tax compliance professional or remove you from utilizing retail market tax software and preparing the returns yourself. Many tax compliance professionals do an excellent job; however, they are so busy preparing tax returns and fulfilling tax compliance services, they frequently do not have time to consider comprehensive tax planning services. Pinnacle Tax Planning Services, Inc. was created for the express purpose of helping taxpayers minimize their tax liabilities. This is a service that all qualified taxpayers should utilize.

If you have any interest in this service, please visit our website at and complete the contact form and one of us will get back to you within twenty-four hours.