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Tax Planning

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Tax Planning – Make Your Next Investment a Tax Blueprint

A formal tax plan may be the best investment you make this year. Consider the return on the investment; you spend a certain sum of money and the projected return is a minimum 100% and possibly up to a 300%, and that is just for the first year. At Joseph F. Fragnoli, CPA, PC in Nashville, TN, and our affiliated company, Triumph Wealth Management & Consulting, Inc. we specialize in formal tax planning services. From information we gather from our clients we prepare a “Tax Blueprint”. This document is the foundation for laying out tax and financial planning strategies that can change your life. The savings on the tax liabilities that you incur can be significant.

If you think you have done tax planning in the past, or you think your tax compliance service professional has performed tax planning services, you might want to reconsider your position. Formal tax planning is NOT tax projecting. It is a very in depth process that factors in much more than your projected income. It is the process of setting up strategies that move previously non-deductible expenses to deductible expenses, establishing the BEST entity structure for your situation, building assets through deductible contributions and accumulating tax free or deferred income through sophisticated tax planning strategies. At Joseph F. Fragnoli, CPA, PC and Triumph Wealth Management, in conjunction with our affiliation with Financial Gravity, , we can act as your “family office”. We not only perform the tax plan, we help you with the entity formation, investment planning and strategies, form any retirement plans, assist with a formal estate plan and much more. The planning and compliance services along with our investment platform offered through Eqis, , is a level of service usually afforded to the extremely wealthy.

So now that you have filed your tax returns and are disgusted with the amount of tax you had to pay you may want to look into formal tax planning for 2017. What do you have to lose? We offer a free initial consultation where I (Joseph Fragnoli) show you a sample Tax Blueprint and discuss how much we can save you. I will also show you our investment platform and can perform a side by side comparison of the investment strategies and returns with those in your current portfolio. We will review you insurance needs and discuss your current coverage’s. For the business owners out there, we will review how your business is currently structured and discuss possible changes that may benefit you. From that point, if you wish to proceed, I will bring in my affiliate partners and we will begin building an amazing “Tax Blueprint” and develop planning strategies and review all of your service needs. The peace of mind that can come from this level of service and planning is extreme.

If you are interested in meeting, please feel free to call me directly at (615) 678-4751. We can meet in my office at 545 Mainstream Drive, Suite 409, Nashville, TN  37228 or we can meet at a place of your choosing if that is more convenient.