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Tax Planning – You are Paying Too Much in Taxes!

Income Tax Planning

Tax Planning – A Difference Maker

Unless you are seeing one of my contemporary’s in the formal tax planning field, I know you are paying too much in income tax. How do I know this? Because, over thirty years of practice I have studied the tax code and treasury regulations. I have searched and reviewed the best tax planning software on the market. I have discussed numerous strategies with tax and investment professionals and I have found the best authority/ software and the best planning group in the Country and if you are not utilizing a tax professional who subscribes to the tax planning software and is not affiliated with the tax planning group, then you are likely not minimizing your tax obligation.

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At Joseph F. Fragnoli, CPA, PC in Nashville, TN, and Triumph Wealth Management & Consulting, Inc., we consider ourselves Tax Minimization Strategists. We are more than a tax compliance firm. Our objective is to minimize your pain by having you pay the absolute minimum income tax allowed by law. The vast majority of small business owners and high wage income taxpayers pay more in income tax than they are required to pay. This is because most compliance firms are so busy preparing their thousands of tax returns each year that they don’t have the time to truly review the situation, apply minimization strategies and reduce your tax obligation to the legal minimum. It’s not to say the returns aren’t prepared correctly, it is that there are deductions and strategies left on the table and not applied to the return that would reduce the taxpayer’s obligation. At my Firm, we focus on tax planning. We are assisting in the development of the Certified Tax Master program with and we subscribe to Tax Coach software, We are not a tax preparation mill. In fact, we will perform tax planning services for clients even without the requirement to prepared the tax return. Clients can retain their current tax compliance professional.

The Tax Planning Process

Now, we are entering the new year and tax season. Accordingly, the strategies that can be implemented for 2016 are limited. However, it is a great time to begin planning for 2017. Even if we get a tax rate reduction as promoted by President Elect, Donald Trump, we still will have laws and regulations that will allow for numerous under used/ overlooked tax strategies that will bring down your obligation. The point here is that regardless of the tax rates, etc., you still don’t want to pay more in income tax than legally required.

If you are interested in minimizing your tax obligations, please give us a call and we can schedule an in office meeting, or for those of you out of the area, a telephone call or Skype meeting. We service clients from California to New York and many places in between. So don’t let the proximity of our office stop you from getting the tax planning services you need. Our office number is (615) 678-4751. Visit my website, and learn more about me and my Firm.