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Why Not Tax Planning

Many of the readers will pay for estate planning services, or utilize college and financial planning services; however, you don’t engage for tax planning services. Are you aware that for most of you that your tax expense is your largest or second largest expense you incur each year? You will spend tens of thousands and probably hundreds of thousands of dollars in your lifetime on income taxes. So, why don’t you engage a professional to perform tax planning services to reduce that number as much as possible. We at Joseph F. Fragnoli, CPA, Inc. in Naples, Florida and Nashville, Tennessee specialize in formal tax planning services. Specifically, we are tax minimization strategists.

Tax Plans Can Save You Thousands of Dollars

What many people and businesses don’t realize is how much they can save in current and future taxes by establishing a detailed and well structured formal tax plan. By developing specific strategies and calls to action we can help a client build a bigger asset base while reducing their tax responsibilities. The plans we develop are supported by tax code and treasury regulation citations. We do not partake in questionable tactics that will lead to IRS examinations, tax adjustments and negligence penalty assessments. The process is to understand the law and utilize permissible strategies allowed under the law. This requires an in depth understanding of the IRS code and the related Treasury Regulations. This has never been more important then in this last year with the new tax law and tax reduction acts. There were significant changes that have a tremendous impact in developing sophisticated and effective tax plans. But, I can’t stress enough, a solid plan can save a client thousands of dollars for a cost that is a small fraction of the savings.


Now is the time to do your tax planning. By planning early you give yourself time to implement the plan, fund as necessary and begin seeing results. You don’t want to wait until December to begin dealing with your tax liabilities. Proper formal tax planning requires thought and time to implement a real quality plan. So if you are interested in tax planning services please feel free to reach out to us at (615) 678-4751 or (239) 658-5217.  We service clients all over the US so feel free to reach out regardless of where you are located